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March 2009

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Front Cover and Editorial

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University Politics and Management

On Professor's Academic Power in Universities  PP:1-5

The university professors, as the main performers and representatives of the university's academic power, play an important role in the administration of the university and their participation in this embodies the democratic administration of the university. Therefore...
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Why Do Change Management Strategies Fail? --- Illustrations with case studies  PP:6-15

Xiongwei SONG
Change management is crucial to the survival and development of organizations, the more effectively you deal with change, the more likely you are to thrive. However there are a large number of failures of change management. Organizational change itself is a considerably complex activity;...
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A Tentative Study
of Sino-Australia Co-Operative Programme Teaching Management Pattern and Implementation Plan

With the rapid development of Chinese economy and education, deepening reform and open-up policy, more and more co-operative education programs are established in China. Among them, some programs are just copies of Western style or pattern, which has no Chinese characteristics...
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Analysis of the Applicability of BSC in the Performance Management of the China Government  PP:23-27

Guifang QIN
Introducing the Balanced Scorecard into the government departments and constructing reasonable and effective index system to evaluate the performance of the government is favor to improve the evaluating quality of the government performance...
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Language and Culture

Chinglish: an Emerging New Variety of English Language?  PP:28-34

English, as a global language, is learned and used in China to fulfil the needs of international communication. In the non-Anglo-American sociocultural context, English language is in constant contact with the local language, Chinese...
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Collocations: Experiential Grammar and Conventionalization of Travel Advertising  PP:35-49

Jianxin DING
Collocations provide language users a way of representing the world. In the register of travel advertising, they are used mainly to represent scenic beauty, service hospitality and travel events. Compared with grammar and single words, ideational collocations are typically specific in their delineation of the world, typically process-oriented and typically evaluative...
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Semantic Attributes and Lexicogrammatical Patterns:
Genre Analysis of the Event Sections of Grimm's Fairy Tales

Xiaofeng TAN
This paper is intended to examine the Generic Structural Potential, semantic attributes and lexicogrammatical patterns of the event sections of Grimm's fairy tales. Generic Structural Potential is a description of all structural elements of a genre. Event sections include three obligatory elements of fairy tales from Initiating Even via Sequent Event to Final Event...
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The Application of Blog in English Writing  PP:64-72

The purpose of this thesis is to introduce the blogging phenomenon and the effectiveness of using blog exchanges for English writing. Firstly the thesis points out that the blog is an effective tool for students to improve English writing on the basis of the general observation of features and its application in education....
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Teaching Methodoloty

A Review of Research on EFL/ESL Pre-Service Teachers' Beliefs and Practices  PP:73-81

Hongying ZHENG
During the past thirty years or so, teacher education research has made significant contributions to the exploration of the relationship between teachers' beliefs and practices, which has produced important findings for both pre-service and in-service teacher education. This article reviews the research on pre-service teachers' beliefs and practices in the filed of teaching English as a foreign/second language (EFL/ESL), extrapolating the complex relationship between EFL teachers' beliefs and practices...
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Learning from Experience and Teaching by Example:
Reflecting Upon Personal Learning Experience to Inform Teaching Practice

Keith S. TABER
Part of the folk wisdom of teaching is that one really comes to understand a subject when one has to teach it to others. This article considers the ramifications of such a ¡®simple truth¡¯. Three key questions are explored: Why should preparing to teach provide such effective learning?, What does this suggest about the way teachers should organise learning in classrooms?...
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