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June 2009

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Front Cover and Editorial

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Dialog among Civilizations

Comparative Literature in the 21st Century  PP:2-14

Daiyun YUE
There are some new viewpoints about comparative literature in European and American academies in the age of the 21st century, and this paper analyzes the new changes from the perspectives of core issues of comparative literature in the new age, the new transcendence of time and space, and the transformation of comparative literature and post-modernism...
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Ethnic Identities and Multiculturalism

On Historical View of Multiethnic Literature  PP:15-23

Xinjian XU
with the broadening of"rewriting the history of Chinese literature", the historiographical approach of Chinese literature attracts more and more academic interest. At the same time, the inter-relationship between ethnic literature and the Chinese literature as a whole is turning into a key point. The paper seeks to explore the multi-ethnic literature history under the context of Yi-xia (sinocentric) China, as well as the multi-ethnic nature of Chinese literature.
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Protecting the "Children": Early Qing's Ethnic Policy towards Miao Frontier --- A Historical Study of Multiethnic China  PP:24-36

As alien conqueror ruling China in its last imperial period, Manchu regime has succeeded in creating many a new policy in dealing with its ethnic problems both inside and outside....
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"Liu Sanjie"and the Changes and Shapings of Ethnic Culture in Lingnan of China  PP:37-54

"Liu Sanjie" is a famous figure in a legend which spread in southern China. Nowadays she is best known to Chinese as a representative of the ethnic culture of Guangxi....
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In the Name of Self-Representation: A Case Study on Narrative Construction and Ethnic Identity of Yi's Autobiographical Ethnography  PP:55-66

Fei LI
This paper attempts to reveal how Liu Yaohan, the first native Yi£¨yizu ÒÍ×壩1 ethnologist of People¡¯s Republic of China adjusted the narrative strategy and textual construction of a Bimo...
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The Star-shaped Towers of the Tribal Corridor of Southwest China  PP:67-83

Frederique DARRAGON
Hundreds of free-standing tall towering stone structures, some of the most astonishing star shapes, are still standing, in the remote, earthquake prone, mountains of Western Sichuan and Southeastern Tibet, part of a region also called Kham. I had stumbled by coincidence upon them, but I later learned that no one knew who had built them, or why, or when...
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Historical Anthropology and Ethnic Studies: Interview with John D. Kelly and Martha Kaplan  PP:84-95

John D. KELLY, Martha KAPLAN, Qi AN
On 30th June, 2008, Professor John D. Kelly (University of Chicago) and Professor Martha Kaplan (Vassar College) were invited to have an academic visit to Sichuan University. After the lecture of"Recent Research Trends in Anthropology and History", both of them were interviewed by graduate students of the Literary Anthropological Institute....
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The West and the East

Thucydides' War as a Violent Teacher  PP:96-104

In the beginning of his book The Peloponnesian War, Thucydides gave the account of the Peloponnesian war as the greatest motion ever. He claimed so without giving sufficient explanations. His....
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Eunuchism of Imperial China from the Perspective of World History  PP:105-110

Huicheng BI Qinghua XIAO
Eunuchism is socially constructed, the corporeal materializing of a dominant discourse that is written onto and into the body. The original justification for eunuchism is offered by religion. Another earlier association with eunuchism is slave trade. ....
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The Relationships between China and Its Special Administrative Regions and Their Regulation  PP:111-118

Weidong ZHU
Three kinds of relationship exist between China and its autonomous provinces, Hongkong and Macao Special Administrative Regions, under the current legal framework,....
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Port Governance in the South West of England¡ªA Comparative Assessment  PP:119-125

Yen-Chiang CHANG
The South West of England is a very extensive region, with constraints in terms of its transport network. It is imperative if the region is to optimise its economic development for transport services to fully utilise all transport modes, not least, short sea shipping.....
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Literature and Culture Studies

The Travel of Fei Mu¡¯s film Confucius from 1939 to the present  PP:126-138

Yuanyuan WANG
This article traces the unusual travel trajectory of Fei Mu¡¯s film Confucius, from 1930s to the present. Based on a textual analysis of Confucius the film, I will analyze how the narrative and...
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Tense of Reporting in Dissertation Literature Reviews  PP:139-150

Mingfang CHEN
The tense realization of reporting verbs in each literature review (LR) 1is, in a sense, individualistic and particular to each situation. In spite of this, LRs follow certain patterns shared by the peers and the audiences...
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Book Review

Darwin and His Sacred Cause  PP:151-155

Haiyan YANG
The year 2009 marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his Origin of Species. Similarly and more significantly, this year also offers a good occasion to reconsider the birth of the Darwin community and Darwin industry...
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