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September 2009

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"The Two Cultures" Revisited

The Ethical Problems in Science Communication of Modern China  PP:2-9

Guosheng WU
Chinese science popularization career in the past several decades has its own characters: government as the director, scientists as the main actors, and the public as the passive receivers. The new currents of science communication advocate the position of pluralism and equality instead, although this emerging discipline and practice is encountering various oppositions. ...
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Kuhn and the Two Cultures of Western and Chinese Medicine  PP:10-36

Hong HAI
Western medicine and Chinese medicine are different systems that have been influenced by the cultures and scientific traditions from which they developed. Each contains its own set of Kuhnian paradigms. ...
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Humanism in Medicine  PP:37-46

Haiyan YANG, Daqing ZHANG
Today the issue we will be discussing is concerned with the humanism in medicine. This issue is not only originated from a variety of puzzles in this special field, but it is also grounded in some wider intellectual tradition and the current status of society. In the present time, ...
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Interview: Two Cultures and Beyond  PP:47-54

YH:This year Cambridge University Press published your book The Two Cultures Controversy: Science, Literature and Cultural Politics in Postwar Britain... What are your main arguments then? GO: The book's main arguments address three objects of study....
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Book review: Two Cultures no Two Cultures  PP:55-58

Review of Guy Ortolano, The Two Cultures Controversy: Science, Literature and Cultural Politics in Postwar Britain ...
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Environment and Policy

Research on the Establishment of Environment Protection Division in Chinese Court  PP:59-75

The critical condition of the environment and the fact that lots of environmental disputes can't be solved effectively by means of filing lawsuit, show that Chinese judicial system hasn't fulfilled people's expectation of the functions that the environment protection should have...
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A Study on how to Promote the Business Environment Competitiveness of China's Household Appliance Export Enterprises -- Take the Example of "Haier"  PP:76-85

Wufan NI
The competitive business environment can be regarded as advantages such as in environment protection, environment adaptation and environment compatibility from the business products' market access. It can be defined as the sum of commercial viability and sustainable development capacity, meanwhile it is a synthesis of composition and impact of the environmental factors in core competitiveness of products.....
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Macroeconomic Effects of Carbon Dioxide Emission Reduction -- Cost and Benefits  PP:86-94

Zhen LIU, Jing LIN
Global climate change is hitherto the most serious environmental problem, and China's CO2 emissions reductions have been one of the hottest problems discussed in the world. This paper quantifies the impacts of different abatement ....
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Why did the New and Environmental-friendly Construction Factories Suffer? -- A Survey on Zhejiang Yangtze Delta Building Materials Co. Ltd.  PP:95-99

Hejie ZHANG, Wei YANG, Wen YU, Xiao LIANG
Products of building materials are made from sand, stones, cement, powdered coal ash and constructive rubbish. These products have not been looked as good ones by many constructive institutes and businessmen and consumers. Therefore, factories dedicated to such products...
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Contemporary Language Education in China

Combining English and CTE courses: A case study on curricular integration in vocational education of China  PP:100-111

Chunhua JI
The current English teaching program in vocational school of China is far from meeting either the requirement of career or social expectation. In this study, an approach of systematic English curriculum reform was proposed aiming to improve the quality of English teaching. ....
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Sub-skills Approach and Extensive Approach to Reading in TEFL  PP:112-120

Lichun PAN
There are various approaches to reading in TEFL. As English language teachers, only by understanding what the different approaches are, what positive or negative role each approach contains, and how the appropriate approach may be related to the teaching practice....
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"Chinese Culture All-Dimensional Introduction" for Foreign Experts in the Fields of Culture & Education  PP:121-127

The paper creatively proposes to conduct "Chinese Culture All-Dimensional Introduction" research on foreign experts who work in the fields of culture and education and also brings forward feasible and practical concrete measures for the "All-Dimensional (in their daily life, teaching and social communications) introduction"....
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The Application of CLT in College English Vocabulary Teaching  PP:128-131

Yiwei WU
The Communicative Language Teaching (CA) occurred in 1970s puts emphasis on the communicative principle. In China the author finds that lexical problems frequently interfere with communication; communication breaks down when people do not use the right words.....
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