JCS Vol.5 No.1:
March 2010

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Chinese Higher Education: Perspectives from Cambridge

The Influence of the Socratic Tradition on Cambridge Practice and Its Implication on Chinese Higher Education  PP:1-18

This study is an attempt in examining the Socratic tradition and its influence in the teaching and learning styles in western institutions of higher learning, the University of Cambridge in particular, and revealing its significance to the current Chinese higher educational practice and reform. ...
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The Mission of Higher Normal Education - On the Necessity for Its Return to Humanistic Education  PP:19-31

Lingcui KONG, Hui WANG, Mingli LUO
The mission of higher normal education is humanistic education, which, however, has been declining gradually upon the influence of the utilitarianism of scientific education in modern times. The utility of scientific education in our country is demonstrated dramatically as the stressing of science over humanity, ...
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Grammar in Language Teaching and Language Learning  PP:32-44

Siwu ZHANG, Xiaorong YANG
Grammar should be the focus of both rule-based language teaching approaches and non-rule-based language learning approaches, although in the former it is"a focus on forms", whereas in the latter it is "a focus on form". ...
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On Pragmatic Inference and Metaphor from the Perspective of Relevance Theory  PP:45-50

Limei BAI, Juanjuan CHEN
Relevance theory challenges the traditional view of context, proposes the concept of cognitive context and a new inferential model. Its explanation of metaphor from the cognitive perspective is rather different from other metaphor theories. ...
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Action Research on Video Course  PP:51-73

Zhenping WANG and Qin MA
This Action Research examines through the students's reflections on the Video Course at the School of English and International Studies and the School of Law at the Beijing Foreign Studies University in order to observe whether the course objectives designed primarily in 2000 as an innovation have been achieved and whether the students still have the potentials untapped ...
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A Brief Study on Language Anxiety among Learners at Different Learning Stages in China  PP:74-81

Xuemei SHAN
Anxiety is one of the most pervasive factors that may influence language achievement. From the analysis of the result of a quantitative and qualitative study, this study finds that Chinese English learners experience quite high level of language anxiety during their language acquisition process due to many specific reasons ...
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Developing Mandarin Chinese Teaching in British Schools  PP:82-88

Jiaran ZHENG
This paper focuses on current provision for foreign language education, especially Mandarin Chinese education in UK schools. Through the analysis of reforms in Chinese language and the nature of Chinese characters, I argue that Mandarin Chinese can be acquired by learners brought up in an alphabetic language system and should be offered as a non-traditional foreign language subject by more British schools. ...
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Arbitrage Models and Opportunities Comparison: Evidence from UK, US and Hong Kong Index Future Markets  PP:89-103

Hong XIE
Chinese government will launch first of Chinese financial future product on the middle of 2010 which named by China Stock Index 300 Future. According to other emerging markets experiences of development, there are a lot of arbitrage opportunities existing in the market at the beginning of the future product launched, then investor will try to catch the relative opportunities for get the abnormal return. ...
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The Ethanol Trade Development Between China and Brazil  PP:104-113

Renata Rodrigues de ARAšČJO, Kangjuan LU
The rapid growth of its GDP and the air pollution it generates have forced China to consider the use of alternative, renewable and greener fuels for its transportation needs. Since they are made from plants which absorb CO2 during their growth, biofuels seem to be a partial solution to that problem.....
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Empirical Analyses of Chinese Exchange Rate Behavior from 1979-2007  PP:114-130

This paper presents a single-equation econometric model approach to define the variables that determined the real exchange rate behavior in China during the 1979-2007 period as an indicator of the government`s de facto exchange rate policy. The empirical findings confirm that the Chinese economic policy mix has almost always led to some real exchange rate volatility, which is ...
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An Analysis of Several Factors Affecting the U.S. Dollar Index  PP:131-150

Dae Shik LEE, Hongda LIU
US dollar is generally regarded as the national financial strategy carrier of the United States. As the main settlement currency in international trade and the most important currency reserve, the trend of US dollar will have significant effect on the global economy. Review of the trend of exchange rate of US dollar in every previous global economic crisis, we found that great appreciation or depreciation of the US dollar index all corresponded to upgradation or degradation of the world economy. ...
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A Flaneur's "Deceptions": Gender, Sex and Ethics Re-narrated  PP:151-163

Philip Larkin is acknowledged as one of the England's most distinguished poets as well as a representative of "the Movement" in the post-war era. As Larkin had practiced writing novels in an earlier age, he used a story-like narrative to compose "Deceptions". ....
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Grievance of the Gendered Self:Traces of Chinese Gui-yuan Elements in Carolyn Kizer's Poems  PP:164-176

Jing LI
Chinese Gui-yuan poetry usually employs either a female or a pseudo-female persona to express grievance about war, departure from friends, political failure, personal loneliness etc. Carolyn Kizer (1925- ) is noted for her accepted influence of ancient Chinese poetics....
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The Fantasy and Symbolism of Religious Poetry: A Case Study of The Waste Land, Paradise Lost and Prometheus Unbound  PP:177-189

Shanke CAO, Xian MA
Symbols in the religious poetry provide readers with a lot of indecisive spots and blanks, which are like windows in an attic for the light to enter and through which to look outside. Symbolism helps readers to obtain a comprehensive understanding of religious poetry, through which they are enlightened. ...
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