JCS Vol.5 No.2-3:
September 2010

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Dialogism in Go Down, Moses  PP:1-12

Mingjuan CHEN
William Faulkner presented his reader a multicolored South by echoing vividly the variously inflected voices of the old South in his Yoknapatawpha novels. This multiplicity of voices contributes to what Bakhtin called the 'symphonic theme'. In Go Down, Moses, the complex mosaic of themes and histories remains a vivid and moving statement on the wall of racial misunderstanding, the nature of family, the idea of property and the role of man in nature. ...
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Racial Oppression in Sherman Alexie's Reservation Blues  PP:13-23

Kedong LIU
Whites' oppression of American Indians can be classified into three stages: military genocide, religious assimilation, and commercial exploitation. In Sherman Alexie's Reservation Blues, it can be found that military genocide remains a haunting memory for Native Americans, that white religion has led the Native American youth into bewilderments and functioned as a disguise for the abusive actions, and that commercial exploitation has become the current way of seizing benefit from Native Americans, reflecting the whites' racial stereotype upon Indians.
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The Cross-cultural Comparison of The Tale of Genji and A Dream of Red Mansions  PP:24-31

Mengmeng ZHOU
The Tale of Genji, and A Dream of Red Mansions are the classic work of oriental literature. The protagonists Murasaki-no-ue and Daiyu, as the representatives of eastern ideal female images, reflect the similarities and differences between Japanese culture and Chinese culture.. ...
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Pearl in Hawthorne's Romance The Scarlet Letter  PP:32-41

In The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne portrays one of the most literature. Although she is an illegitimate daughter of Hester Prynne and Arthur Dimmesdale, Pearl plays an important role more as a dynamic force of moral guardian than a static symbol of sin in the plot. The purpose of this article is to present the aspects of Pearl's preternatural character, the functions that she performs in the plot, and the reasons why Pearl could achieve these in Hawthorne's romance
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Study on the Residents Satisfaction Degree in the Urban and Rural Fringe in China--Based on Structural Equation Model  PP:42-54

Kangjuan LV ,Juan WANG, Wei LV
Urban and rural fringe has very complicated characteristics in China. The high mobility of migrants and transitioning polices in this region are potential factors to impede social harmonious development. This paper reveals the satisfaction degree of residents in these regions by using method of random sampling of 1500 people in east, north and west of China.. ...
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The Paradox of Change: Within Or Without  PP:55-63

Sumana SHOME
It will be interesting for us to know that change has been the only constant factor in our lives. Beginning from our childhood till death, it is change that shapes our lives and as a matter of fact helps us to mould ourselves to the external changing environment. But, is change so easy to deal with- In reality, owing to our cultural conditioning, accepting change becomes intrinsically difficult. ...
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Negotiation of Chinese Learners' Social Class Identities in Their English Language Learning Journeys in Britain  PP:64-77

Feng GAO
The present ethnographic case study investigates how Chinese learners' social class identities are expressed and negotiated through their English language learning journeys in Britain. Drawing on a variety of sources (ethnographic observations, informal conversations and narrative interviews), the analysis focuses on the Chinese learners' self-identification of their family socioeconomic status, their class structured interaction opportunities, and the display and reconstruction of their social class identities both in language classroom context and in other various social contexts....
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Use of Cohesive Ties in Relation to the Quality of Compositions by Chinese College Students  PP:78-86

Aiping ZHANG
One hundred sample compositions were selected systematically from 4845 compositions written by college non-English majors who took part in the 2004 National Entrance Test of English for M.A./M.S. Candidates and applied for a postgraduate program in Lanzhou University in China. Halliday and Hasan's (1976/2001) concept of cohesion and taxonomy of cohesive ties were adopted to analyze the samples for their cohesive features.. ...
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Investigation and Analysis of Parent-Child Relationship in Adolescence  PP:87-97

Lingyun LUO
Based on the study of parent-child relationship in adolescence among parents of 1,855 middle school students in 14 cities in China, it could be concluded that parent-child relationship in adolescence nowadays is generally in good condition but varies according to students' gender and grades. The parent-child relationship is affected by parents' concerns of children's academic achievements, frequency and scope of parent-child interaction and evaluation as well as expectations of children by parents.. ...
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Can the Social and Cultural Impacts of Ports be Assessed in Terms of Economic Value?  PP:98-103

Yen-Chiang CHANG; Tao WANG and Dan BAI
This paper firstly recognises the importance of the port heritage and suggests the economic value of ports can be assessable only if the port heritage is restored to 'economics'. There would not be an economic problem if the port heritage is treated as ethically oriented......
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How Inevitable Is A 'Clash of Civilizations'?  PP:104-116

Chen LI
The period since September 11 attacks in 2001 has witnessed intense debates over to what extent a 'clash of civilizations' is inevitable. This paper argues that the 'clash of civilizations' thesis is a mistaken paradigm of understanding the Post-Cold War international order. ...
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Defence Expenditure and Economic Growth: Evidence from India  PP:117-131

Aviral Kumar TIWARI, A. P. TIWARI
In this study by applying VECM analysis in the Dreger model we found bi-directional causality between GDP and defense expenditure, unidirectional causality from GDP to merchandise trade and from gross domestic savings to merchandise trade and no causality from any of the test variable to gross domestic savings.. ....
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An Interview with David Lodge at Cambridge  PP:132-143

Rong OU
David Lodge (1935- ) is a distinguished contemporary British novelist as well as a critic. He is particularly well known for his campus trilogy - Changing Places, Small World and Nice Work and his works of literary criticism such as The Language of Fiction, Working with Structuralism and After Bakhtin.....
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