JCS Vol.6 No.2-3:
June-September 2011

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The Protection of Vulnerable Groups in China: From the Perspective of Local Government Innovations  PP:1-11

Songyan CHU
The practice of protecting vulnerable groups at local governments in China includes living standard security system and rights protection mechanisms. Therefore, related local government innovations cover detailed protection, policy environment and citizens empowering. ...
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The Development of Volunteerism in China: Context, Role of Government and Influences  PP:12-26

Na WEI, Yukai CUI
This article attempts to explore the context of the development of volunteerism in China, describe the role of Chinese government in promoting volunteerism and introduce the influences of volunteer service in China by taking the example of Beijing Olympic Games voluntary work. ...
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Structural Tax Cuts in China: Its Implementation  PP:27-45

Yuanxin CHEN, Miao TIAN
The international financial crisis, triggered by American subprime mortgage crisis, has struck not only developed countries, but also developing countries, from which China also failed to escape and underwent many sufferings. In response to this financial crisis, the Chinese government has implemented a proactive fiscal policy and a moderately easy monetary policy, including the structural tax cuts. ...
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Constructing Modified-ULC-based RMB Index and Its Derivative Products  PP:46-59

This paper develops and empirically tests a model of Modified-ULC-based Chinese Yuan Index (CNYX), and constructs its futures contract. In particular, it highlights improvements to the CNYX over 1979-2007, including modifications to the computational methodology, use of updated data, and extension of samples. ...
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Study on the Agglomeration and Diffusion Effect of Shipping Logistics Industry in Shanghai  PP:60-68

Kangjuan LV, Ting XU, Rongrong ZHANG
To build Shanghai International shipping center refers to the typical shipping industry spatially agglomerated in Shanghai. By taking location quotient and gravitational force model, this paper calculated the agglomeration effect and diffusion effect of Shanghai shipping logistics industry. ...
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Document Production in Chinese Litigation and International Arbitration  PP:69-84

Qifan CUI
Nowadays, documents (especially contemporaneous documents) are considered best form of evidence in international arbitration.1PT However, document production is one of the areas in which there exist huge differences between different legal systems.2Some fundamental conflicts may occur when arbitration proceedings involve parties from China and other countries, although the legislation and practice of arbitration in China is gradually developing towards international standard over the last decade. ...
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The Effect of Farmland Management on Soil Phosphorus Runoff in Taihu Basin  PP:85-94

Lixia YANG
Phosphorus fertilizer levels related to the soil phosphorus loss directly. The studies assessed the effects of different phosphorus (P) fertilizer levels (0, 30, 75 and 150 kg/hm2) on characteristics and forms of soil P loss in runoff by artificial rainfall simulations. ...
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Understanding Interdiscursivity: A Pragmatic Model  PP:95-115

Jianguo WU
The present paper, based on Verschueren's (1999) Linguistic Adaptation Theory (LAT), proposes a pragmatic model for the analysis of interdiscursivity. Specifically, the paper begins with a brief delimitation of the research object so as to distinguish it from any other similar linguistic phenomena. ...
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The First World War and the Rise of Modern American Novel: A Survey of the Critical Heritage of American WWI Writing in the 20th Century  PP:116-130

Wen ZHOU and Ping LIU
This paper is an attempt to analyze the relationship between the First World War and the rise of modern American novel. The long-lasting impact of WWI has brought about a paradigm shift in people¡¯s belief system. For the young writers during and after WWI, the War has not only provided them with a change in their notion of war as a literary subject but also helped them realize the powerfulness of language. ....
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Plurality and Complementarity of Postclassical Narratologies  PP:131-147

The aims of this essay are three-fold. First, it observes that postclassical narratology is not a holistic and unified discipline but a ¡°critical passepartout¡±¡ªa hybridization of feminist narratology, cognitive narratology, rhetorical narratology, cultural-historical narratology, etc. Second, it argues that there exists a complementary relationship among the different strands of postclassical narratology. ....
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Illusionary Cosmopolitanism and Flawed Humanity: A New Interpretation of Xu Xu's "Modern Tales of the Strange"  PP:148-160

Xiaoping WANG
Xu Xu's (1908-1980) "modern tales of the strange," produced in 1940s China, is often read by critics in the framework of "romanticism" or "modernism." This paper takes a new perspective in interpreting his stories with a practice of political hermeneutics. ...
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