JCS Vol.7 No.1:
March 2012

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Land Tenancy and Economic Efficiency Selection of Ownership Structure of Agricultural Land in pre-modern China  PP:1-21

Liang ZHAO, Denggao LONG
One dominant economic concept in China states that yeomanry is the most efficient and equitable land tenure system while tenancy system not only causes landlord to exploit tenant farmers but also leads to low production efficiency. However, this paper questions the arguments for a yeomanry system. ...
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Review on Pulling Force of Agricultural Labor and Its Effectiveness in China  PP:22-32

Xiaofeng LI, Juwei ZHANG, Xian XIN, Ling MA
China's urban-rural income gap has become a dominant "pulling force" for rural labor's migration to urban cities. The paper points out that when one calculates the income gap, consumption costs should be taken into consideration, for it can also be regarded as one "pulling force". ...
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The Relationships between Economic Growth and Environmental Pollution Based on Time Series Data: An Empirical Study of Zhejiang Province  PP:33-42

Lixia YANG, Shaofeng YUAN, Le SUN
By employing the methods of Johansen cointegration test and granger causality test, the paper aimed at investigating the interactions of environmental pollution and economic growth in the process of Zhejiang's industrialization according to the time series data of three kinds of pollution indices from 1981 to 2006. The results showed that three kinds of pollution indices all had a negative long-term cointegration relationship with GDP per capita, which mean that the economic growth is not necessary result in environmental degradation. ...
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The Economic Transition in China at the Crossroads - A Perspective on Three-Gap Analysis  PP:43-61

Hejie ZHANG, Hangli CHEN
This article assesses the significance of domestic and foreign savings for China's economic growth. Using annual data for the period between 1981 and 2009 a three-gap model is formulated and estimated. The model illustrates quite vividly the centrality of the fiscal effort constraint to the achievement of a higher growth rate in the long-term. ...
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Analysing the Rationale of China's Political Reform in the 21st Century  PP:62-82

Xiongwei SONG
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Discourse Right and Participation: Using Application for Hunting Permits for Foreigners at Dulan International Hunting Ground as a Case Study  PP:83-91

Wenqi DONG
Discourse right is one of the basic rights of people to express ideas and common opinion. Exercise of this right is an important means for non-government organizations and individual citizens to take part in public issues. The struggle over the application for hunting permits for foreigners in August 2011 exemplifies the active efforts of environmental NGOs, animal rights groups and relevant personnel in influencing government's decision-making through the exercise of discourse right.
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China's Potential Policies for Energy Efficiency & Emission Reduction: Carbon Tax Approach or a New Sectoral Cap and Trade Approach?  PP:92-99

Rongxiang CAO
China has set up firm domestic policy targets for energy efficiency and emission reduction in the 12th five year plan, as well as committed the 40-45% carbon intensity reduction for 2020. Although during the past five years the command and control approach has play an effective role in reaching the target in the 11th five year plan, market-based instruments are strongly proposed by both government planners, practitioners and scholars around the country. ...
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Matrimonial Complex and Identity Anxiety: A Psycho-Political Reading of Zhang Ailing's "Boudoir Stories"  PP:100-119

Xiaoping WANG
The conventional interpretation of the works of the famed modern Chinese female writer, Zhang Ailing (1920-1995), is generally couched in the Freudian psychoanalysis. This paper offers a new perspective of reading her stories through the angle of identity politics. In analyzing the paramount thematic concern of the writer's stories, which shows a profound matrimonial anxiety in a besieged society, it delves into the identity politics of her ostensible apolitical stories. ...
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Copycatting Culture Study: A Perspective of Bakhtin's Carnival Theory  PP:120-134

Anqi HU
From copycatting products to copycatting culture, "copycatting" is bearing more and more cultural value which has been explored by scholars from different viewpoints. Though copycatting culture is to some extent impelled by commercial operations, it is in essence a cultural phenomenon. Copycatting culture is endearing itself to the masses and the dominant community through imitating, pasting, or even spoofing the popular brands or elite culture programs with some adoptions and creation. ....
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Constructing Neo-classicism: Functional Analysis of Periodic Sentences in Rasselas  PP:135-148

Wenjing SHEN
Periodic sentences designed by Samuel Johnson is held chiefly responsible for glorious culmination of English prose. By them, balanced mood and a thoughtful way of thinking can be reflected. This paper is intended to carry out a study on how Dr Johnson constructs neoclassicism by periodic sentences. ...
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