JCS Vol.7 No.2:
June 2012

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Dilemmas in Teacher Development in the Chinese EFL Context  PP:2-16

Hongying ZHENG
In the field of teacher development in China, it is of great priority to promote the re-construction of teachers' beliefs about education in the context of the National Curriculum Reform. As teachers' beliefs are context-dependent, it is important to examine the sociocultural context when investigating teachers' beliefs. ...
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Demanded Professionalism: Discourse Analysis of State Policy on Teacher Professionalism in Mainland China  PP:17-30

Xiaoli WANG
This article aims to elaborate the policy discourse on teacher professionalism in contemporary Chinese context. Since teachers are regarded as the key factor in educational reform, different stakeholders, such as the government, parents and communities, will have different expectations of teachers. ...
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The Enabling of School Participants' Access to Negotiation of Meaning: A Way of Improving Intercultural Understanding  PP:31-52

The International Baccalaureate (IB), as a curricular system of international education, has developed rapidly throughout the world during the recent 50 years. It is committed to cultivating values of empathy, mutual understanding, tolerance and appreciation of diversity. ...
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Learning to Teach in the Beginning Years: Contradiction Analysis of a Secondary English Teacher in China  PP:53-67

Linlin CUI
The beginning years are generally considered the most difficult in a teacher's career. The study of how novice teachers learn to teach is of great importance for teacher education. This narrative study follows one female secondary English teacher in an urban city of China for two years. ...
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Student Teachers' Knowledge Structure and Their Professional Development---based on the study of EFL student teachers  PP:68-82

Fengqin ZHAO
It is known that teacher's knowledge can influence students' understanding and learning. The knowledge structure of teachers should be perfect to help students to gain language skills and knowledge, affect, learning strategies and cultural awareness as the new curriculum required. ...
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The comparative effectiveness of recasts and prompts in second language classrooms  PP:83-97

Focusing on two types of corrective feedback strategies in second language classrooms, namely recasts and prompts, the current paper claims that the comparative effectiveness of recasts and prompts is an area of great research value, for the following reasons: (1) theoretically, studies in this area can inform the issues such as the roles of input and output in second language learning and the cognitive roles of recasts and prompts in language learning; (2) pedagogically, research findings in this area may provide second language teachers with useful advice concerning their classroom error correction. ...
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Study on the Decision Condition of Nodal Enterprise' Tacit Knowledge Conversion in Supply Chain in Multi Periods  PP:98-114

Zude YU
Knowledge has been the most important engine of economy, and it can advance the enterprise's competitiveness, but the roles of tacit knowledge and explicit are different in enterprise's operation of supply chain. The mutual conversion of tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge in supply chain forms the spiral rising process of value creation....
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Industrial Application Review for Sustainable Supply Chain Management  PP:115-128

Mengxun NIE,Yu XIONG, Ying LIAO
This article aims to serve several purposes. First of all, it provides an overview of the opportunities and challenges involved in the implementation of a sustainable supply chain, as well as the CLSC.Secondly, It includes an analysis of the cost saving, risk mitigation, the delivery of a superior service with the provision of returns and the opportunity of reducing the company's carbon footprint. ...
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Supply Chain Partnership, Knowledge Trading and Cooperative Performance: An Empirical Study Based on Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises  PP:129-149

Wei CHEN, Xumei ZHANG, Cheng PENG, Lei XU
From the perspective of knowledge trading among supply chain partners, a conceptual model for the relationships among supply chain partnership, knowledge trading and cooperative performance is proposed and empirically tested using the data collected from 256 Chinese manufacturing enterprises in supply chain with the structural equation model. ....
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The Analysis on the Decisive Factors of China's Total Investment: 1978-2010  PP:150-169

Xueqin JIANG
Based on literature review, the cost of capital and the expected rate of return are the factors that influence the total investment. During the economic transformation of China, economic growth is always pulled by investment. In turn, the market capacity resulted by economic growth always influence the investor's decisions, then affect the amount of investment besides the costs of capital and labor. ...
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Costs and Benefits: Economic Perspective of High Quality Youth  PP:170-184

Based on the literature review, the cost and benefit analysis had been conducted on the high quality youth from an economic perspective. Opportunity costs include the monetary benefits, non-monetary benefits (the psychological benefits) and the loss-of-time value. ...
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China Research Seminar Series

On Value Education Principle - Chongmin LUO
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