JCS Vol.7 No.4:
December 2012

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John Stuart Mill, Karl Marx, and Modern Citizenship  PP:1-17

Brantly WOMACK
The dialectical relationship of liberty and welfare has guided modern political development, and it sets the criteria for citizenship in a modern state. However, to absolutize either liberty or welfare can undermine both. ...
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The Making of Citizenship: The Controversy Over Victoria Harbour Reclamation Project in Hong Kong  PP:18-31

Ying XIA
This article identifies three major dimensions of citizenship as individual, organizational, and contextual. This "three-dimensional" framework understands citizenship as a dynamic process constituted by development of citizenship at each of the three dimensions. ...
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Constructing a Gender-oriented Mode for Modern Citizenship  PP:32-53

Yongxiang WANG, Jingping LI, Zhonghua GUO
The divide of the public-private spheres exists in traditional citizenship. The public mainly represents men's discourse. Women are constrained within the private sphere of the home by child-rearing responsibilities. Therefore, traditional citizenship tends to be male-biased. After criticizing the false universalism of traditional citizenship, ...
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Welfare Governance in China? A Conceptual Discussion of Governing Social Policies and the Applicability of the Concept to Contemporary China  PP:54-72

Matthias STEPAN, Armin MÜLLER
In the last three decades the structures and logic of providing social policies in the People's Republic of China underwent decisive reforms. As a consequence of institutional and socio- economic transitions, such as privatization, and rural to urban labor migration,...
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Migration, Identities and Cultural Change: History and Present Situation of the Santa people in Xinjiang, China  PP:73-87

Wenxiang CHEN
Since the Qing dynasty, Santa people have been migrating to Xinjiang, and have subsequently become an important group there, both in terms of population and influence. This paper deals with the history of the four Santa immigration waves and the present situation of their ethnic, religious, and local identities. ...
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Chinese University EFL Students' Attitudes towards English, Interest in Foreign Languages and perceptions of Social Norms in Foreign Language Learning  PP:88-100

Meihua LIU
The present study explored the general patterns of Chinese university EFL students' attitudes towards English, interest in foreign languages, and their perceptions of social norms in foreign language learning, and the relationships among these measured variables and their performance in English. ...
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Teacher Questioning as a Way to Open up Dialogue in the EFL Intensive Reading Classrooms in China  PP:101-115

Liying XU
This paper examines teacher questions in the Intensive Reading (IR) classrooms at the tertiary level in China. It has been found that teacher questions were predominantly used to elicit factual reports or recitation based on the factual information in the text and that they rarelyvalidated studentsí» contributions by. ...
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e-Leadership in Academia: A New Form of Leadership Emerging from Networks of Interdisciplinary Research  PP:116-125

Jingjing ZHANG
The nature of leadership in academia is becoming part of the shift in the "network society" (Castells, 2000). 24 academic leaders from the University of Oxford were interviewed in this study in order to understand what "e" actually means in the concept of e-leadership. e-leadership in academia can be seen as. ...
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Topic Prominence in Typological Interlanguage Development of Chinese Students' English  PP:126-142

Lianrui YANG, Shaopeng LI
This study aims to investigate the general characteristics of topic-prominent typological interlanguage development of the Chinese English learners in terms of acquiring subject-prominent English syntactic structures in a systematic way. This study shows that the Chinese students of English at each proficiency level ....
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To Give Chinese Children "a Memorable China": the Trend of Chinese Indigenous Picture Books  PP:143-151

Fengxia TAN
The development of Chinese indigenous picture books is stimulated as well as pressured by foreign picture books which have dominated Chinese market of picture books since the end of the 20th century. Some Chinese artists began to seek the way of nationalization of picture books to give young children "a memorable China". ....
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