The Equality of Kowtow: Bodily Practices and Mentality of the Zushiye Belief  PP:1-20

Yongyi YUE
Although the Zushiye (Grand Masters) belief is in some degree similar with the Worship of Ancestors, it obviously has its own characteristics. Before the mid-twentieth century, the belief of King Zhuang of Zhou (696BC-682BC), the Zushiye of many talking and singing sectors, shows that except for the group cult, the Zushiye belief which is bodily practiced in the form of kowtow as a basic action also dispersed in the group everyday life system, including acknowledging a master (Baishi), art-learning (Xueyi), marriage, performance, identity censorship (Pandao) and master-apprentice relationship, etc. ...
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Expressed Space and Acting Body
The Tibetan Tradition Revealing in the Pilgrimage to MORDUO Holy Mountain

Xinjian XU
Based on long-term anthropological fieldwork and textual comparison, researching the legends, the mountain records, the writing and the pilgrimage, this paper analyzes MORDUO faith of the people in DANBA region and the expression about their interaction with the Han society. ...
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The Growth of Chinatown Bus: Beyond Ethnic Enclave Economy in America  PP:36-47

Denggao LONG, Qiming HAN
The popular Chinatown inter-city bus services among major U.S. cities were almost non-existence ten years or so ago. They began as a response to the transportation needs of the ever growing Chinese immigrant population in this country. It was chaotic, ruthless in competition and price wars, unregulated, and even unsafe in some instances at their beginning and early years. Overtime, the services and safety records have been steadily improved. ...
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An Analysis of the Lack of Correlation between Subjective Wellbeing and Objective Indicators for Human Development in China  PP:48-72

It will be argued in this paper that there are at least three lenses through which we could try to make sense of a series of paradoxical phenomena which indicate a lack of correlation between subjective wellbeing and objective indicators for wellbeing or human development in certain sections of the Chinese society, such as Chinese rural residents and rural-urban migrants. ...
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How the Newly-built State transformed the old society?
---The Mechanical Political Integration Policy and its Impacts in Mainland China, 1949-1958

Xiaolin WU
During the early years of the People's Republic China, by fully controlling socio-economic and political resources under the guidance of the 'General Line for the Transitional Period', the new state integrated various forces into the construction of socialism. As a result, there appeared a high degree of homogeneity in Chinese class society system. The newly-built state removed existing ideological obstacles, and exterminated exploiting classes, which to some extent, have completed the state¡¯s objectives and promoted economic production. ...
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Evolutionism, Environmental Philosophy and Modern China  PP:85-96

As a theory of biological adaptation, evolutionism is the scientific foundation of environmental philosophy in essence. In intellectual history, environmental philosophy had covaried with evolutionism. Modern Chinese once had to learn from Spencerian evolutionism and Darwinian evolutionism to save China from subjugation, as Confucians like Yan Fu accepted the former and Marxists like Mao Zedong accepted the latter. ...
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Adjustment of Economic Structure in China-A Perspective on Three-Gap Analysis  PP:97-115

Using a three-gap framework explores the contributions to macroeconomic performance of the adjustment policy reforms and external shocks. The central finding of the study is that it is very difficulty for China to adjust its economic structure mainly from export-oriented economy to domestic demand due to trade revenues drawing 10-fold of non-trade revenues. ...
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Analysis on the changes of convergence of regional economic growth in China: 1984-2010  PP:116-138

Fei CHEN, Xiangwei SUN
This article mainly aims to examine the change of absolute σ-convergence, absolute and conditional β-convergence of regional economic growth at the Provincial level in China in the period of 1984-2010. ...
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Vocabulary Learning Assisted by Mobile Phones: Perceptions of Chinese Adult Learners   PP:139-154

Zengning HU
This empirical study aims to reveal how mobile phone is perceived as a language learning tool and what opinions students have after the mobile phone learning experience. A total of 24 part-time adult learners majoring in English participated in this research. ...
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Reflections of English Teachers: the Quality-oriented Education Reform in China's Middle Schools  PP:155-190

Today in China, quality-oriented education reform is seen as an importance in fulfilling the potential development of all individuals. However, the current examination focus within long-term mainstream education tends to block the process of reform policy and its implementation in several ways. ....
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A New Perspective on the comparative research between ancient Greece and China  PP:191-196

Lina CUI
Reviewed Book: Hyun Jin Kim, Ethnicity and Foreigners in Ancient Greece and China, London: Duckworth, 2009.
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