Renao (Heat-noise), Deities' Efficacy, and Temple Festivals in Central and Southern Hebei Province PP:1-18
Zhiya HUA
School of Social Administration, Shanghai University of Political Science and Law, PRC
There is a tradition of holding temple festivals in villages in central and southern Hebei Province. This tradition was once suspended after the establishment of P.R.C., but it revived and thrived after the reform and opening-up. Temple festivals are a kind of renao events in rural life, and the organizers of temple festivals pursue the effect of renao as much as possible....
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Embroidery, Gender and Self-representation of the Miao Women in the Southeast of Guizhou PP:19-32
Yinyin YE
School of Literature and Journalism of Sichuan University, China
The Miao embroidery, as a vital cultural symbol of the Miao ethnic minority, tightly related with the Miao women. This paper explores how the Miao women represent their gender, emotion and ethnic group through the Miao embroidery. ...
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Health Care Transformation in China - the Privatisation and De-Privatisation of Health Care in a Chinese County PP:33-44
Jiong TU
University of Cambridge, UK
The Chinese health system has experienced dramatic changes over the past decades from the historically socialist health-care system, the drastic marketised transformation, to the new socialist characterised health care reform. Since 1949, the health sector changed from most private services to all public ones in the collective era, experienced a transition from fully state run and financed system toward more private financing and delivery of health care in the post reform era, and recently turn to the expansion of public health service in the new health reform. ...
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Modernity: A Rose with Thorns - Reflection on the Modernity of Sanitation Construction in the Late Qing Dynasty PP:45-52
Xinzhong YU, Luwei YANG
Research Institute of Social History in China,Nankai University
On the basis of the author's previous series of empirical studies, this paper reflects on the 'hygienic modernity' that shows in the development of Chinese health service. Originating from the West, the modern public health system has an enviable,illustrious appearance; at the same time it has a ubiquitous power that affects people's daily life. Besides the modernity of civilization progress, as well as order, cleanness, a more pleasant environment and lower chance of infection, hygiene also brings us economic and cultural hegemony, inequity, injustice, supervision and restrictions on the human body to some degree....
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How to Balance the Development of Urban and Rural Integration in Central China - Based on the Investigation of the Reform Practice in Wuhan PP:53-78
Fangcheng YUAN
Institute for Political Science, Central China Normal University, Wuhan, China
Balancing urban and rural integrated development is the current urgent task to promote China's urban and rural economic and social development. This article evaluates the urban and rural integration level of Wuhan objectively through establishing evaluation index. The article finds out that the urban and rural integration level slightly higher than the urbanization level in Wuhan City....
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A Case Study on the Application of DIY Corpus to Translation Criticism: Exemplified by the Four Renderings of Chinese Essayist Zhu Ziqing's Congcong PP:79-99
Shun GUO1 Jincheng XU2
1 Xiamen University, China
2 Bangor University, UK
In light of the fact that there are scarce studies, particularly from the interdisciplinary method of corpus, on the renderings of Zhu Ziqing's Congcong, a prose well-known in China, this study aims to apply the corpus method to analyze its four renderings. It examines the method of integrating objective and subjective translation criticism on the basis of Do-It-Yourself Corpus (DIY Corpus)....
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Selection of the Place of Arbitration in Chinese-African Trade and Investment Disputes: Also Suggestions to Improve the Arbitral Environment in Africa PP:100-111
Zhejiang Normal University, P.R. China
The place of arbitration is of great importance to international commercial arbitration, the host states as well as the parties to the dispute. In dealing with Sino-African trade and investment disputes, there exist both advantages and disadvantages for the Chinese and African sides. Whenever selecting mainland China, African countries, Hong Kong or Singapore and the developed countries as the place of arbitration, both sides may select it based on the actual situation, taking efficiency, impartiality and other practical factors into account. ...
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Chinese Legal Protection as to the Cross-border Labor PP:112-119
Wenge ZENG, Jian SUN
Chongqing University, Chongqing, 400045, China
With the in-depth globalization of Chinese economy, a large number of Chinese labors work in international labor market. To provide sufficient protection to this group becomes more and more hard due to various reasons, including terrorism, nationalism, anti-government activities and other factors. ...
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