Chinese and American Perceptions on Nonprofit Organizational Effectiveness PP:1-16
Chunxiang LIU1, Thomas P. HOLLAND2
1Central South University, China
2University of Georgia, USA
Facing growing pressure from multiple constituents to demonstrate nonprofit organizational effectiveness, leaders in the nonprofit field struggle with numerous perspectives and expectations about what organizational effectiveness means and how to improve it. ...

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A Study On The Price Transmission: Experience From Chinese Market
Kang LIU
Centre of Development Studies, University of Cambridge & Institute of Finance and Banking, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
This article examines the fluctuation characteristics of price level in China, and studies the transmission mechanism of price through Granger Causality test. It shows the transmission relationship between CPI and PPI in China is not stable from 2000 to 2013 . ...
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Re-generating the Cultural Identity and Social Network Abroad PP:35-47
Denggao LONG1, Qiming HAN2
1School of social Sciences, Tsinghuahua University, Beijing
2Connecticut College, New Haven, USA
It is ignored by lot of researchers in China that the Cultural Identity and Social Network were Re-generated overseas, not original from the homeland, such as the networks of Chinese from Indo-China, and the multi-name clan associations outside China. ...
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Holding Temple Festivals at Home of Doing-gooders: Temple Festivals and Rural Religion in Contemporary China PP:48-95
Yongyi YUE
Institute of Folklore and Cultural Anthropology, School of Chinese Language and Literature, Beijing Normal University, PRC
Holding temple festivals at home is a local temple festival system and practicing religious in Pear Area of North China, referring to the regular 'temple festivals' people hold at home centering on Shenshen (Gods). Through the ethnographic study on the family space shared by people and Sh¨¦nshen, the controlled possession, unbalances in the daily life of local people, ...
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The Logic of Chinese Local Religion - Analysis of the Statement of 'Serving Lao Niangniang' Claimed by the Incense Societies Pilgrimaging to Miaofeng Mount PP:96-108
Qingren Zhang
Institute of Global Ethnology and Anthropology, Minzu University of China, Beijing, China
The pilgrims heading for Miaofeng Mount address the Bixia Yuanjun as 'Lao Niangniang', and describing their religious practices as serving Lao Niangniang. These actions reflect the logic of the Chinese local religious practice. The motivation of religious practice is to obtain the goddess' blessing. ...
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An Investigation into the Influence of Chinese Topic-prominent Features on Chinese EFL Learners' Acquisition of Passive Voice PP:109-121
Shaopeng LI
Shanghai International Studies University, China
Typologically, English and Chinese, belong to different language typological systems respectively. Chinese is a topic prominent language in which topic plays an important role in the formation of a sentence whereas English belongs to a subject prominent language in which subject is an indispensable element that determines the English sentence pattern. ...
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