A Reflection on and Proposal for Current Social Support for Chinese Migrant Workers in the UK
Lan LO1, Yu-Wen CHEN2
1University of Nottingham, UK
2Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan
This paper reflects upon the old and new challenges facing Chinese migrant workers in the United Kingdom. The vulnerability of Chinese migrant workers is related not only to the lack of external social support from the British state and society but also to the intrinsic diversity and complexity of Chinese migrant communities. ...

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Efficiency Convergence in the Greater China Region
Chun Kwok LEI
University of Macau, China
This study is organized to estimate the efficiency level of the economies in the Greater China region which is composed by the provincial economies in the Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Employing the stochastic frontier approach, the technical efficiency level of these economies is estimated and decomposed. In addition, ...
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Laid-off Women Workers' Identity: The Chinese Government's Theoretical Description
Yunhua Xiang
Jilin University, China
Over the past three decades, China has been undergoing a transition from a planned economy to a socialist market economy, which has brought into existence new social groups, such as laid-off women workers. They had to give up their "iron rice bowl" and adapted themselves to the competitiveness in the labor market. ...
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A Unique Access to Classical Chinese Cultural Gem--Song Ci from the Perspective of Grammatical Metaphor
Ziqian TANG
Sun Yat-Sen University, China
As the most eminent prestige of the unconstrained school, Su shi is renowned for the open-minded and vigorous writing style in his masterpieces. Nevertheless, his emotional tenderness and subtlety reflected in the poetry is also highly appreciated and enjoys enormously huge popularity. ...
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"The King's Job, Vast as Swan-Flight": More on The Sacred Edict in Canto 98 & 99
Rong OU
Hangzhou Normal University
Ezra Pound maintained his commitment to Confucianism and Chinese culture throughout his life and made abundant use of Chinese materials in The Cantos. He drew a lot of inspiration from The Sacred Edict of Qing Dynasty of China and rewrote it in Canto 98 & 99. ...
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